FRENN MEN – Jani Ylitalo

Global Creative Director

Timo works globally a creative director. He wears many hats and works also as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and writer. He believes everything has rhythm in our lives, he’s always on the move.

- I really enjoy the freedom of working as a creative director. It allows me to work on different projects without strict boundaries and I love the abstract nature of creative work.

Timo Kiuru has headed creative projects around the world for clients including Samsung, SK-II, McLaren, Mini, Google and Microsoft. He has worked at Paris Fashion Week and written to publications like Highsnobiety and The Huff Post. Timo is also a world-renowned keynote speaker, he has spoken to professional audiences in dozens of countries. As a result, he was awarded with a global 40 under 40 industry award in 2016.

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