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Artikkeli: Janne Puhakka – Sportsman with style

Janne Puhakka – Sportsman with style

Janne Puhakka – Sportsman with style

Ex-hockey player – Sportswear sales man – Speaker

Before moving back to Finland, Janne made an international career as a left winger in Canadian Hockey League and Ligue Rapaces in France. In Finland he has played in Espoo Blues and Espoo United among others. Hockey has been Janne’s passion since he was 6 year old. Other passion was football but hockey became his profession after all.

Nowadays Janne is studying international business in Haaga-Helia and working as a sportswear sales man in Amer Sport brand store. He also works as a speaker and social media influencer to keep himself busy.

Sport meets fashion

- I have always been very sporty. When my sport career came to an end, I had to think what I would like to do next. Beside sports, fashion and clothing have always interested me. So it was quite natural to combine these two elements. Sportswear business is a perfect place for me to use my past experience and develop my future career goals.

- I believe fashion is an art form that allows you to express your style the way you want. I have always had passion for fashion and I'm happy to share my thoughts with FRENN.

 Well-being and values

- Physical and mental well-being of my family is the corner stone in my life. I have always valued healthy lifestyle and that’s what I am working for also today. For me, it’s very important that I can be myself, also at work. To be able to live my life without any external or artificial restrictions. In addition well-being I have always valued equality, freedom, friendliness and appreciation of nature.

Comfort and quality meet style

- In everyday clothing I value comfort, quality and style. Being comfortable isn’t enough, clothes have to look good. Because of my background in sports, functionality is close to my heart. Today sustainability has also become more and more important for me. I really want to know how and where my clothes have been made.

Nordic sophistication for the everyday

- For me FRENN looks very nice and I just love the superb names of each piece. All FRENN clothes have Finnish men’s names. I’m still waiting when they’ll have a garment called Janne. FRENN collection is a perfect combination of formal and casual. With these pieces it’s very easy to dress a little bit up or down based on each every day’s agenda.

- I want to support Nordic brands so for me it’s very easy to like FRENN as a local company. I really appreciate what Antti and Jarkko are doing to develop contemporary Finnish menswear scene.

Linen and bold prints for summer

- I like linen. It’s perfect material for summer time. With layering, it’s very easy to use linen also for the whole year round. I also like dark blue so it was quite easy for me to choose the blue linen outfit including relaxed Jarmo jacket and super comfortable Seppo trousers with elastic waistband in back.

- For summer time I also like to use a bit bolder colours and prints. When I saw FRENN’s new prints made in co-operation with awarded Finnish illustrator Matti Pikkujämsä, I fell in love with them right away. I’m always ready to try something new, to keep my mind open. It makes life a lot more fun and interesting.

Know more about Janne on Instagram @jannepuhakka

Photo: Eeva Suutari
Location: Jätkäsaari Sport Park

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