Manufacturer and fibre information

GARMENT MANUFACTURERS 1.4.2020-31.3.2021

  • Garment manufacturer list includes 100% of produced pieces 1.4.2020-31.3.2021.
  • Collaboration with new garment manufacturers has started 2017-2019 because old ones have stopped their operations in Estonia and new factories had to be found.
  • Long-time partner Protex OU in Tallinn wanted to stop their collaboration in coats, jackets and trousers in 2019 and that's why new partner had to be found. Co-operation with Finnish owned ATJ Production in Riga started in 2019 and collaboration includes 56% of order volume in pieces.
Used Fibres 1.4.2020-31.3.2021
38% GOTS certified organic cotton
15% Linen
7% Cotton
19% Wool
5% Recycled wool
9% Recycled polyester
3% Bamboo viscose
2% Elastane
2% Polyamide
  • Fibre list includes 100% of produced pieces 1.4.2020-31.3.2021.
  • Percentages are calculated from the amount of produced pieces.

TRIM MANUFACTURERS 1.4.2020-31.3.2021

  • Material and trim manufacturer list includes 99% of produced pieces 1.4.2020-31.3.2021.