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Timo Kiuru wearing FRENN Men


Global Creative Director

Timo works globally a creative director. He wears many hats and works also as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and writer. He believes everything has rhythm in our lives, he’s always on the move.

- I really enjoy the freedom of working as a creative director. It allows me to work on different projects without strict boundaries and I love the abstract nature of creative work.

Timo Kiuru has headed creative projects around the world for clients including Samsung, SK-II, McLaren, Mini, Google and Microsoft. He has worked at Paris Fashion Week and written to publications like Highsnobiety and The Huff Post. Timo is also a world-renowned keynote speaker, he has spoken to professional audiences in dozens of countries. As a result, he was awarded with a global 40 under 40 industry award in 2016.

- Seth Godin is one of my favorite writers. He wrote a book called ”All Marketers Are Liars” more than 10 years ago. I value honesty over anything. I know that my colleagues have started to trust me because of my honest feedback. I’m not going to lie, occasionally I’ve also put myself in trouble for not willing tell sweet little lies. I believe in the power of authentic stories - amplified with beautiful design.

International Nordic

Timo has learned to enjoy chaos. He enjoys learning new things, exploring unseen horizons and embracing the unknown.

- It might be a bit surprising since I came from Finland and have a Nordic heart. I’m very comfortable with white space and emptiness – nowadays I covet both harmony and chaos. Having the Nordic spirit has been my biggest asset on my professional career.


Between formal and casual

- I really appreciate FRENN for making change in the market. They have a unique position between formal and casual. Only being sustainable isn’t enough anymore to stand out. I am happy that FRENN is proud of being a Nordic company - honest and straightforward. I also like founders of FRENN, Antti and Jarkko a lot. They have a good spirit.

The black suit is a perfect choice when Timo travels to give keynote speeches. It’s both formal and edgy but also very comfortable to wear. It’s easy to pack and always ready to go.

- I actually forgot that I was wearing a suit during the photo shoot at Finlandia Hall in the heart of Helsinki. The outfit was so comfortable! I wouldn’t have bought the blue outer coat online but when I first tried it on, I realized that it was perfect for me.


Basics with an edge

Timo loves basics and doesn’t go wild with the colors but doesn’t want to look boring either. He always pays attention to both the quality and the price of materials. He feels it’s also good to get excited about new things. Sometimes you need to wear a product for a while before you know if it’s going to work or not.

- I like to have many different styles, not just one. Style is about how one puts outfits together. I try to think how can I use a new item with what I already have in my wardrobe. I travel a lot so I need to take that into consideration too when buying clothes.


Aino and Alvar Aalto

- I am a fan of Aino and Alvar Aalto. That’s why we decided to take the photos at Finlandia Hall. Today, Aaltos’ work is more relevant than ever. It’s timeless, beautiful, functional and has a connection to the nature. Alvar Aalto is also the favorite architect of Canadian architect Frank Gehry - Frank Gehry is the godfather of modern architecture, he inspires me a lot. I wish we all were more proud of Aaltos’ lasting impact of design globally.


The Lonely Creative

Timo’s new book is titled “The Lonely Creative”. In this inspiring, gripping, diary-form book, internationally renowned Kiuru reveals what it’s like to work with the world’s biggest brands and the sacrifices involved, how to brace yourself in face of tough competition, and how to foster innovation wherever you are. Timo’s book is now available also at FRENN store in Helsinki.

Photo Eeva Suutari
Location Finlandia Hall