FRENN is designed in Helsinki and responsibly hand-manufactured in Northern Europe in Baltic countries from premium quality, ecologically sourced European materials. From the very beginning it has been our mission to build as responsible and transparent clothing company as possible. We are not perfect yet, but developing our operations every day to make it right. 

 ”Fashion is made by the person wearing it. There’s nothing wrong with mass production when it’s done properly: responsibly, with attention to quality. The era of sweatshops is over; the future lies in a completely different direction. Yet dressing uniquely doesn’t necessarily mean one-off pieces. Tailoring skills, target group understanding, and industrial expertise are what you need. We believe in personality, sustainability and innovation”, note Antti Laitinen and Jarkko Kallio.


From Design to Product

We aim to long-term relationships with our partners and factories. That means we develop our products and processes together in order to get the best possible results. We visit the factories ourselves to meet the people and see that everything is in order. 

When doing new styles and product, the design and product instructions are made in Helsinki by our designer and co-founder Antti Laitinen. The instructions then will be went through with the account manager and checked that everything is done right. Then it is time for pattern making, cutting and sewing. Everything is done by professionals who have been working in the industry already for a long time.



European Materials

It is important to select the right material for each product and cloth. Good quality materials are durable and also stay good wash after wash. Premium quality yarns are made from long fibres in order to keep the surface looking good without pilling for a long time.

We buy our fabrics from European factories in Finland, Italy, Portugal and Lithuania. Most of our fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and the jersey used in our t-shirts is organic cotton knitted in Finland. Oeko-Tex 100 certification means that the materials are safe for the environment and the wearer alike.

You can find all our supplier information in every product page in our web shop.


Responsible Production

We always try to find the right factory to work with for each product category. We produce our clothes in certified factories locally in Baltic area mostly in Tallinn, only 80 kilometres from Helsinki. In Baltic countries legislation guarantees human rights and proper wages. Our designer Antti visits the factories himself ensuring the quality and meeting our partners and sewing ladies. Our factories are ISO 9001 certified that guarantees the proper working conditions and production processes. In every care label we tell where we buy our fabrics from and where the products are made.

You can find information about the factories we work with in every product page in our web shop. 



Quality Control

Our designer Antti Laitinen visits himself the factories we work with every time the production is ready to deliver to our clients and customers. This way we can guarantee that every FRENN product is the highest quality as promised. If there is something wrong with your garment, we repair it, always.


Sustainable Packing

We never pack individual products to plastic bags and we always reuse the packing material like cardboard boxes. This way we minimise the packing material waste as much it's possible.