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Article: Timo Lassy – Jazz Musician

Timo Lassy – Jazz Musician

Timo Lassy – Jazz Musician

Saxophonist - Composer – Bandleader

Internationally known Finnish jazz musician Timo Lassy has studies music in Oulunkylä Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and also in Amsterdam Conservatory. He has been working as a freelance musician since he was twenty years old. For the past decade Timo has concentrated on his own music and solo career mainly playing with his long time associated known as Timo Lassy Band.

Passion for Jazz

- Playing jazz and composing is my life and passion. In the beginning music was a hoppy but later on it got more serious and has given me so much. Jazz music has taken me to many interesting places in the world. I have also met so many inspiring people through it. Music is my true love, it helps me to grow as an artist and to give more to my audience. Jazz is my everlasting source of motivation and reason to be. My mission is to spread positive energy around me. Music is a perfect tool for that.

My style

Timo Lassy likes to create his own style in clothing. He wants to look as good as possible especially when performing. Timo enjoys to style a bit different way for each concert and stage. The whole look is important to him. Lassy values clothes that are made from premium quality materials. Clothes have to fit well and be functional for his work as musician.

- I have been a classic suit man for a long time. Lately there has been a change to more relax direction. I wanted to make a difference and to find my own way to dress. Luckily I found FRENN few years ago and it has been my favourite since. FRENN is very modern and up-to-date. Antti and Jarkko combine relaxed sophistication with personality in a very special way. I can always trust that I look stylish and still feel good when playing.

Carefully selected wardrobe

Playing saxophone is very physical. Timo has to choose his clothes carefully to be able to perform. Materials have to be light and breathable. Comfort is the most important thing when selecting new pieces to musician’s wardrobe.

- FRENN is perfect to my lifestyle. I can use their versatile clothes in a bit more formal occasions but also combine them more casual way for the everyday. I don’t need so many pieces to manage my week.

- I really appreciate that there is a premium quality local menswear brand in Helsinki having something Finnish in it but also looking international at the same time. I also value the ideology of FRENN: responsibility and honest transparency. This is exceptional.


In Timo Lassy’s home city Helsinki, Savoy theatre opened in 1937 is a very favourite place for him. Timo has performed there many times over the years. He likes the traditional style of the place and the acoustic is perfect for playing jazz.

- Savoy is more current for me than ever. My latest live album ”Big Brass”, recorded at Savoy, will be published on Friday February 21st. In addition we will be performing at Savoy on May 28th. Welcome to hear the material live with special interpretations. The staff in Savoy is great, always so helpful and dedicated. Everything works well every time so it’s always a pleasure to come back.


After the 10-year anniversary of Timo Lassy Band, Timo wanted to make new versions from some of his older material to be played by his band with the fabulous Ricky-Tick Big Band brass section.

- I wanted to capture this fruitful period of my career, and leave the footprints of this very special group, that includes some of my long-time friends, who also are some of the greatest musicians from my generation on Helsinki’s Jazz scene. I´m very proud of this group and happy that I was able to put this 14-piece band together. These Savoy concerts were perfect. They were the ultimate highlights of my career so far. Feels good

Location: Savoy Theatre Helsinki
Photo: Jani Gerkman


Solo album discography

Soul and Jazz of Timo Lassy (Ricky-Tick Records 2007)
Round Two (Ricky-Tick Records 2009)
In with Lassy (Schema Records 2011)
Live with Lassy (Schema Records 2014)
Love Bullet (Membran 2015) Moves (Membran 2018)
Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen (We Jazz Records 2019)
Big Brass (Membran 2020)

Coming up

06.03.2020 Lappeenranta, FIN: Kulttuuritila Nuijamies
21.03.2020 Mexico City, MX: Zinco Jazz Club
22.03.2020 Mexico City, MX: EUROJAZZ 2020
17.04.2020 Espoo, FIN: Sellosali
24.04.2020 Tampere, FIN: G Livelab
07.05.2020 Berlin, GER: XJAZZ Festival
09.05.2020 Trondheim, NO: Jazzfest
28.05.2020 Helsinki, FIN: Savoy-teatteri
01.07.2020 Jyväskylä, FIN: Jyväskylän Kesä
25.07.2020 Helsinki, FIN: Odysseus 2020
28.07.2020 Joroinen, FIN: Joroinen Music Festival
31.07.2020 Turku, FIN: Archipelago Sea Jazz
06.08.2020 Hamina, FIN: Hamina Tattoo
07.08.2020 Joutsa, FIN: Café Meijerinliiteri


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