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Sustainable and transparent

FRENN sustainability and transparency

Honest sustainability

Sustainability is not just words and promises, but real actions here and now. We don't explain unnecessarily, but we openly tell you where and how our long-lasting clothes are made, and how we work for a more sustainable future. While others present what should be done, we tell you what we have already done.

We are building the most sustainable clothing brand in the Nordics, whose word you can trust.

Without greenwashing

Two years in a row, we received the best scores for Ethical trade Finland aka Eetti’s responsibility survey, which reviewed the climate, environmental and human rights work and transparency of 35 Finnish clothing brands. However, no one is perfect, and therefore we also have things to develop and improve. The world is changing and so are we.

Read more about Eetti’s report

We require that all our partners commit to our ethical guidelines. We check the operating models according to the guidelines once a year.

Get to know our Code of Conduct ethical guidelines

Ecologically ethical

Our clothes are made from high-quality, eco-certified European materials in ethical local production in low-risk countries in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. All factories operate according to EU waste and recycling regulations.

The country of manufacture is stated in the care instructions of each product from the beginning. We also openly state on each product page the factories where the fabric is woven and the product is sewn. We have nothing to hide.

Check out the factories via this link
Check out the materials via this link

Certificates guarantee

All the fabrics in the collection have an international certificate guaranteeing as ecological and ethical production as possible.

Outer coats and vests are made from Global Recycle Standard, i.e. GRS-certified recycled polyester and recycled wool. All cotton products in the collection are made from Global Organic Textile Standard, i.e. GOTS-certified organic cotton. The knitwear is knitted from Responsible Wool Standard, i.e. RWS certified extra fine merino wool, where at least 10% is mulesing free wool.

Oeko-Tex 100
94% of our used fabrics, threads and accessories are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The certificate guarantees that the materials do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for both the environment and the user's skin.

The Global Organic Textile Standard certificate guarantees that the product made from organic materials is ecologically and ethically produced. The certificate includes high environmental requirements and responsible working conditions throughout the product's life cycle, from growing the fiber to sewing.

The Global Recycle Standard certificate guarantees that the material contains at least 20% recycled fiber. The proportion of recycled fiber in all recycled materials used in the collection is 100%. The materials are ethically produced and do not contain harmful chemicals.

The Responsibe Wool Standard certificate guarantees that the merino wool we use contains at least 10% on mulesing free wool. The animals have better living conditions than normal and the entire production chain operates in a socially responsible manner.

Materials and products manufactured and sold in the EU are made according to the REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals in EU). All products in the collection meet REACH chemical regulations.

FRENN repair and recycle

Repair and recycling services

The most significant act of responsibility is that the manufactured product is used for as long as possible. That's why we have all the services needed to extend the product's life cycle: alteration, repair and recycling. We take care of you and your clothes.

Check out our repair services
Check out our recycling services

Packing and shipping

The flagship store uses fully recyclable FSC-certified paper bags (The Forest Stewardship Council). The certificate guarantees more environmentally friendly and ethical forest management. For online store shipments, we use completely recycled plastic bags made of recycled plastic material. Both paper bags and shipping bags are manufactured in the EU.

We reuse or recycle all our cardboard packaging. Only t-shirts are packed individually in recycled plastic bags. This is how we minimize the use of packaging materials and plastic.

Greener online shopping deliveries
We offer our customers the most environmentally friendly online shopping shipping options. We use the carbon-neutral Posti Green and DHL GoGreen delivery methods. You can also come and pick up your order directly from the flagship store.

FRENN fossile free energy

Energy and recycling

In our store and office, we use completely renewable Finnish Kalastaja electricity, which is made with EKOenergy-certified wind power and/or bioenergy.

We recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic and bio waste according to Finnish waste regulations. We minimize the generation of cutting waste by making the most consumption-efficient fabric cutting plans possible at each factory. We use any cutting waste by making them into accessories, such as ties, bows and caps. The remaining waste is disposed of according to EU waste regulations.

Read how we have handled waste matters and recycling

Carbon footprint calculation

We have been calculating our carbon footprint since 2018. We use the calculation tool of Clonet, a Finnish specialist in carbon footprint calculation. The calculations include Scope1, Scope2 and most of the Scope3.

We have managed to reduce our carbon footprint every year. Even last year, our relative carbon footprint decreased, although with the growth of the company, the total amount of production also increased by 29%.

Check out our annual carbon footprint calculations