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Recycling Service

FRENN recycling

When the garment is used up and has reached the end of its life cycle as unusable, we take care of delivering it for recycling. In this case, the existing material gets a new life as a new garment or raw material for other uses, such as sound insulation under a parquet floor.

Bring your old FRENN garment and get 15 % off

Bring your old FRENN garment back to FRENN store and get 15 % off on one new normal price FRENN.

Wearable pieces will be donated to flee markets like Fida secondhand, SPR Kontti and UFF. When clothes are too old or too broken to repair they are taken to HSY Sortti Station. If you are living outside Helsinki you can donate your favourites to flee market near you

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Call: +358 50 5338 117

Recycling services are available at FRENN flagship store, Fredrikinkatu 24, Helsinki.