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Ethical production

FRENN ethical production

Local production in low-risk countries

All our clothes are sewn in local production in low-risk countries in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (Maplecroft 2018, BSCI Amfori 2022). EU legislation guarantees safe working conditions and livelihood. Local production minimizes delivery risks and emissions from transportation.

Responsible cooperation

We always try to find the best possible manufacturer for each product. Our goal is to make a long-term cooperation, where both parties commit to do their best and we can promise our own customers the best possible quality. We do not use additional middlemen, so the product manufacturers can keep a larger share of the product price.

Before starting the cooperation, we visit each factory ourselves, so that we can verify the conditions under which our products are manufactured. After this, we visit the site 1-2 times a year.

During the last accounting year, 74% of all our sewing products were manufactured in a Finnish-owned factory in Latvia.

FRENN ethical local manufacturing ATJ Production


Jackets, pants and t-shirts
ATJ production
Kengaraga iela 10a, 1063 Riga, Latvia
40 people at work
The cooperation has started in 2019

FRENN ethical local manufacturing Savitas Stilius

Savitas Stilius
Traku g. 43, 76291 Siauliai, Lithuania
55 people at work
The cooperation started in 2017

FRENN ethical local manufacturing Tailor Service

Collared shirts
Polanex sp
Sloneczana 40, 62-200 Gniezno, Poland
XX people at work
The cooperation has started in 2022

Here you can find detailed information about our partners

FRENN ethical local manufacturing quality control

Quality control

The designer Antti Laitinen visits the factories regularly to check the production and the quality of the work. All products are inspected before sale and sent to the customer. If, despite this, the product has a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it.