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Two founders

FRENN founders Antti Laitinen and Jarkko Kallio

A lot is demanded of us men. You have to be soft and believable at the same time. We accepted the challenge.

There is too much rubbish in the world

We founded FRENN in 2013 because there are too many bad and irresponsibly made clothes in the world, some of which are thrown away unused. We wanted to make it better and more sustainable.

We combine old-fashioned good quality and versatility. All FRENN products are easy to repair and recycle. Our clothes are comfortable to wear and easy to combine with each other for different everyday situations. In this way, they become favorite clothes that are used for as long as possible. We make real clothes for real people.

With nearly sixty years of experience

Before founding FRENN, Antti has worked in the menswear industry in design and production since 1997. Jarkko is a veteran of the Finnish design industry who has worked in design and marketing since 1995. We decided to combine our strength and expertise. That's how FRENN was born.

FRENN founders Antti Laitinen and Jarkko Kallio

We give all our products a lifetime manufacturing guarantee. That's how much we believe in their durability.

F*** Fast Fashion!

Founders of FRENN
Antti Laitinen and Jarkko Kallio