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From design to product

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen

Finnish design

All products in the collection are designed on Fredrikinkatu in Helsinki. The starting points of Antti Laitinen's design work are versatility, comfort and durability. All solutions and details are designed for the user's changing needs. In this work, the focus is on long experience and understanding the customer's everyday life.

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen technical instructions

Technical instructions

All new products are made with technical drawings and as detailed instructions as possible for production. The instructions are reviewed with the manufacturer to ensure that everything is correct and clear for each factory's production process. This ensures that there are no unnecessary misunderstandings and mistakes during production.

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen technical instructions

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen pattern making

Fabric cutting and sewing

After making sure that the instructions are correct, the patterning of the garment begins. First, a prototype piece is sewn, which is adjusted and made sure that the patterns are correct and that the garment fits and functions well. Based on the revised and corrected formulas, a cutting plan is made so that cutting waste is generated as little as possible. The cutting machine cuts the fabric pieces suitable for each different size of the garment.

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen fabric cutting

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen fabric cutting

After the fabric is cut, the seamstress sews the pieces together using a sewing machine according to the instructions and the pattern piece. All this is done by professionals who have been in the field for a long time, not automatic machines.

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen sewing

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen sewing

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen sewing steaming

The knits are knitted

Woven fabric clothes are sewn, but knits are knitted. Instructions and patterns are also made for knitting. Unlike fabric clothes, a digital pattern made for a knitwear is programmed into a knitting machine, which knits the finished pieces into shape according to the instructions. In this way, as little waste as possible is created, and valuable yarn is not wasted. The pieces knitted into shape are sewn together to form a finished product.

FRENN designer Antti Laitinen knitting