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FRENN repair and recycle service

Repair & Recycle

We believe that clothes are made to repair, not to throw away. The longer you use your favourite clothes, more sustainable they get. That's why we have done our clothes so that they are easy to repair and use as long as possible. When it's time to let your favourite garment go, we take care of that too. You can trust on that.

Lifetime production guarantee for FRENN clothes
  • For clothes that have been in normal use and washed according to our care instructions
  • Bring or send your FRENN garment to FRENN store and we'll repair it for free.
  • Repair service for FRENN clothes 
  • Bring your FRENN clothes to FRENN store and we will check it and let you know the repair cost
  • Repair service is free for FRENN Club members when clothes have been in normal use and washed according to our care instructions
  • Join FRENN Club 
  • Recycling service

    Bring your old FRENN garment back to FRENN store and get 15% off on one new normal price FRENN.

  • Wearable pieces will be donated to flee markets like Fida secondhand, SPR Kontti and UFF
  • When clothes are too old or too broken to repair they are taken to HSY Sortti Station
  • If you are living outside Helsinki you can donate your favourites to flee market near you
  • Ask more

    Send email or call to our designer Antti Laitinen. He will be happy to help you.

    Send email:

    Call: +358 50 5338 117

    Repair and recycling services are available at FRENN flagship store, Fredrikinkatu 24, Helsinki.

    Repair & Recycle

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